Sunday, 10 March 2013

New Show

The title of the show refers to the ancient Greek primordial god of light and the upper atmosphere, it is also a nod to Dan Flavin who pioneered the use of industrial produced fluorescent lights and often included dedications in the titles of his work. Flavin's use of direct lines of coloured light over washes of light reflected from the walls and corners of art galleries has been a significant influence.

Flavin Untitled (For Harold Joachim 3) 1977

For the last year I have been experimenting with electro luminescent wire attached to strips of plastic. These strips are have a 90 degree L shaped cross section, placing the wire on the outside at the apex and inside enables me to have strong lines of direct light and also to project washes of coloured light onto surrounding surfaces. As the strips are flexible I can bend them into spaces to create tension curves, which in turn project curved patterns of light onto walls. 

The first body of curves were created at my studio last year.

Two 10m Studio Stair Curves seen from below August 2012

Two 10m Studio Stair Curves seen from above August 2012

Three studio curves August 2012

During September 2012 I took the curves I had made up and installed them into vacant  spaces at DeMontfort University. These formed the bases of my assessment for the fist year of my part time Fine Art MA.
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