Thursday, 4 April 2013

Images of the Installation Five Curves for Aether

The installation comprised of five elements, each positioned as a response to the gallery space.

To prepare for this I made a scale model of the gallery so that I could orchestrate the composition at my studio.

I also screened off the gallery windows to create a completely dark space and painted the floor to give a more reflective surface. 

At the studio I made the five elements. Each was constructed from two 2.5m plastic corner strips (purchased from Wickes) and glued together to make one long 5m strip. Each strip had three 5m lengths of EL wire; one taped to the apex of the outside corner, (this is the one you can see) and two taped on the inside faces of the strip (these are the ones behind the strips that project light back onto the walls, ceiling and floor)

Once each element had been positioned (which I did mostly with masking tape), and I knew exactly where each strip made contact with the surfaces it was to be fixed, I glued a concealed bracket onto the backs of the strips and put a screw into the surface which the bracket slid onto. As the visible lengths of EL wire had buckled during bending and installation, I then had to re-tape all of them to stretch the EL wire into the new curve to achieve a good quality of line.

The following sequence of images take you through the installation having emerged from the blacked-out light trap constructed in the corridor.

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